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A World Leading Health Formulation

Coale​​​​​sce Beauty is revolutionizing the health and beauty industry.  Our products ​​are rooted ​in core principles ensuring world-class nutrients for our customers and partners. Our fine formulations are nurtured with the world’s most healthy blends of natural mixtures and are accessible from a global platform.

COALESCE BEAUTY is an uncomplicated collection designed to remove the guessing game when selecting products to care for natural tress. Coalesce provides ​solutions that ​cleanse thoroughly, ​deeply condition, maintain the integrity and contribute a high defining shine. Even if you're a novice you too can maintain a ​beautiful, healthy tress.

What Our Customers Have to Say...

I travel the globe frequently. As a result, am always exposed to a variety of climate instances. I am relieved to have found the Coalesce hair and skin product formulations. FINALLY, I got some health & beauty products that meet a traveling, ethic sister’s challenging hair and skin needs. I am sharing this Coalesce LOVE with all of my friends! I highly recommend these hair and skin products to everyone I care about. I am sharing this Coalesce LOVE with all of my friends! CEO, Shepherd Enterprises

D Shepherd

I am a professional beautician who has used and recommended products for many, many years. The Coalesce Beauty Products are the best I have ever gotten my hands on. My clients have been with me for years and now bring their kids. With Coalesce Beauty, each generation is loving me even more. Beautician, Yvette's Beauty Care

Yvette F

WOW, some cool beauty products for Millennials, Coalesce ROCKS!

Millennials, The Millennials

I literally just tried this product and I had to get on here to write a review about it. I LOVE IT! I am natural with 4c type hair, so it is hard to moisture my hair. I have tried a lot of products but it seems like they work until 15 minutes later and my hair looks dry and brittle….. Once I put the Shea Moisturizing Hair Lotion in my hair I could feel my hair IMMEDIATELY getting soft. I went and grabbed my comb and when I say my hair was not tangled nor hard to comb, I couldn’t believe it. I knew I was sold on this product lol and let’s not forget the shine it leaves. I am so excited right now and my hair is too! I will be ordering again when I run out. Thanks

Rhonda W