About Us

Coalesce is committed to sourcing the most advanced, therapeutic solutions the beauty industry offers. It provides formulas that nourish the body from top to bottom. It also supports the craft of hairdressing and inspires artistic vision. Since Dudley is one of the leading manufacturing companies in the beauty industry Theresa believed that a collaboration with Dudley would be a perfect fit. Coalesce would have both quality products and a rich history to promote its worthwhile mission.

Coalesce Beauty donates a percentage of its profits to selected participating schools.  It also has an ambassador program whereby students can work for Coalesce and receive an 16% commission to relieve some of the costs of their higher learning.

Synergy Training Solutions fulfills the much needed awareness and advocacy element for participating schools.  Though these two organizations, Theresa Watson has been able to focus on her love of young people, her commitment to education, and her strong desire  to give back to the community. Her vision has benefited many students by creating and providing scholarships, research and development opportunities, internship opportunities, and through encouraging active dynamic alumni support of participating schools.