Our Products

Consist of Coalesce Professional (a salon exclusive collection) and Coalesce Beauty ( a retail collection).  These collections are phenomenal. They preform with excellence and deliver results that gratify instantly.  Every Coalesce formula combines technology and pure natural  ingredients to address the needs  of all skin types and hair textures.

These products were designed for the salon professional. Every item in the Coalesce Professional Collection is a multifaceted, high performance blend that instantly hydrates, strengthens  and adds volume and shine to the hair shaft.  These holistic blends  we're not only designed to handle the challenges salon professionals face on a day today basis, they were designed to support the passion and potential of salon professionals.

Coalesce beauty is an uncomplicated collection designed to remove the guessing game when it comes to selecting products.  Coalesce provides solutions that cleanse thoroughly, deeply condition, maintain the integrity of the hair and contribute a high defining shine. Even if you're a novice you too can maintain a tress that is beautiful and healthy.